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LimeLife by Alcone

Since 1950, Alcone Company has been supplying professional makeup artists with the best beauty products from around the world. Now we are bringing our exceptional makeup and skin care to everyday women and men through our new brand, LimeLife by Alcone. 

"Alcone never intended to start a direct-selling company, but for decades makeup artists have been sending their clients to us to buy the products they have in their kit and we wanted to find a systematic way to compensate these referrals. As we looked at various scenarios, all seemed to take us down a direct-selling path. The more we explored these models it became clear that this was a major component to our overall company goal - to build a sense of community among makeup enthusiasts and those who want to own the best professional makeup."


 LimeLife is an extension of our Parent Company, Alcone Co. who has supplied makeup for Broadway, the Fashion runway, Movie Sets, Theater, Television, Celebrities and more importantly the Makeup Artists in the professional community.

The LimeLife by Alcone product line is comprised of the most beloved and most highly favored professional cosmetics in the world. Other companies typically manufacture 100% of their own products. LimeLife does not.
This takes the guess work out of the equation for clients, because they can trust that what they see in our catalogs has been tried, tested and scrutinized by Top Professional Artists. 

What they purchase is absolutely the best, without question.



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LimeLife isn't just about giving customers access to better beauty products, it is about empowering people to achieve their goals and dreams and to inspire others to do the same. 

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Send me your name and address and let me know if your skin is normal, combo, oily or dry and I will make a custom sample package of LimeLife just for you and will mail it right away! 


Rachael Cody Smith

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LimeLife by Alcone

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Since 1950, professional makeup artists and their clients have shopped our New York City retail store and warehouse for the best makeup from around the world. Over time certain products consistently stood out as the best, receiving rave reviews from our customers, bloggers, and the press – these are the products we’ve included in the LimeLife cosmetic line. 

As a Beauty Guide for LimeLife by Alcone, you will earn up to 35% sales commission and, if you choose to lead a team, a percentage of your team’s total sales. Our compensation plan gives you the flexibility to use LimeLife by Alcone as an additional income or as your sole income, essentially it is your own business and you decide. 

If you are ready to be part of this incredible journey, all you need to do is purchase your Starter Kit and complete our online application. Our Basic Starter Kit is a requirement to join LimeLife. It gives you a sampling of products to get you started, but it also gives you important training materials and access to our back office software. Once you join, you can purchase additional products at wholesale pricing. Starter kit contents may change with items of equal or greater value in an effort to enhance your business. 

Let's start this off by telling you what is so incredibly special about this starter kit. Every item is full size! Yes, you read that correctly, there are no sample size products in here. You will receive over $400.00 worth of products for only $169! You will receive everything you need to be successful. So, let's go over what is included in your starter kit.

1- Cleanser

1- Moisturizer

1- Bamboo Renew

1- Dew Date

3- Blush, Bronzer or Translucent Powder

2- Perfect Lipsticks

1- Enduring Lip Liner

1- Enduring Lip Color

1- Perfect Mascara

1- Perfect Eyeliner

1- Blenderful

1- Lip Gloss

10- Catalogs

1- Set of Foundation Cards

1- Set of Training Material

1- Decorative Box with you.

It has been the best decision of my life!! Send me a message if you are interested in joining me on this amazing LimeLife Journey.


Rachael Cody Smith

Lafayette, Louisiana